About the Founder

Yousif Saeed Al Lootah is currently the executive director of S.S Lootah Group and the CEO of Lootah Biofuels A young and energetic CEO, Yousif Lootah overlooks the strategic direction, expansion and daily operations of Lootah Biofuels in the UAE and internationally.

Yousif Lootah introduced Lootah Biofuels with an aim to introduce and innovate sustainable solutions for the long-term energy requirements of the UAE and beyond. He has been the main brain to many sustainable initiatives by the company. After the successful production of Biofuels from managing waste, recently, Mr. Lootah has gone one step ahead and signed up with educational institutions to create awareness and training for the young people of the region, thus, inspiring them to adopt small but significant changes to their daily lifestyle and make a difference.

Prior to introducing Lootah Biofuels, Yousif Lootah was actively involved in the sustainable initiative by S.S Lootah Group such as Green Car Program which has seen a great progression since its inception, starting from conversion of part of company fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), followed by the use of hybrid, electric, Biodiesel and solar vehicles in recent years, Yousif Lootah is operating with a goal to convert at least 5% of transportation fuel to biofuels by the year 2020.