Biodiesel B5

Why use B5 and what is it

By filling up with B5 Diesel, you are doing your bit for the environment by using a bio-fuel without risk to your car or its manufacturer's warranty. B5 Diesel fuel is a blend of up to 5% (biodiesel) and petroleum diesel. The Biodiesel content consists of organic materials such as vegetable oils and animal fats. Biodiesel is a source of renewable energy. Using B5 Diesel results in lower emissions of almost every pollutant from your automobile e.g. carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon monoxide. When Biodiesel crops are grown, they capture through photosynthesis almost the same amount of carbon dioxide as is created when the Biodiesel is consumed as a fuel.

Which vehicles can use B5?

B5, which contains up to 5% renewable Biodiesel, can be used by drivers of standard diesel powered vehicles without modifications being required to engines while also protecting the manufacturer's warranty.

What does B5 consist of?

B5 Fuel is a blend of diesel and up to 5 % Biodiesel. The biodiesel consists of FAME which is an abbreviation for Fatty Acid Methyl Ester molecules.


• Significant reductions in Co2 and other green house gas emissions.

• Increase in engine efficiency and Mileage by using clean burning fuel.

• Our stations are easily accessible.

• Fully electronic filing system.

• Professionally controlled operations.

• E-mail notifications and detailed account statements on request.

• Credit facility without any kind of security deposit or formalities.

• Well trained operators and supervisors.

• Dedicated Quality analysts to ensure the quality of fuel.

• CCTV surveillance.

• Each vehicle will be provided with a Vehicle Log sheet which will record Time, Kilometers, Quantity, Receipt No, Driver name etc. at the same time of filling.