Lootah Biofuels offers the UAE market an environmentally superior and performance enhancing diesel blending agent at a highly competitive price. Diesel fuel blends which contain upto 20% Biodiesel (B 20) can be used in any diesel engine without modification.


Lootah BIofuels produces crude Glycerin which is a by-product of the Biodiesel production process. Glycerin is a widely versatile product used for various applications such as: confectionaries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco,polyurethanes and alkyd resins to name a few.


The Biobot is a compact processor which can convert used cooking oil to 20 to 150 litres of bio diesel. Biobot is fitted with a unique feature that accelerates the reaction and settling time in the production of Biodiesel from hours to just minutes. It is compatible for home and business use, and can be deployed at schools and universities to create awareness among students and the society. Practically, anyone with used cooking oil can use Biobot to fuel their diesel powered vehicles with Biodiesel.

Biodiesel Production Plant

Our Biodiesel production plant, with a capacity of 10,000 litres produces Biodiesel from vegetable oil and Used Cooking Oil that can be used to fuel commercial vehicles. There is a provision to collect as well as store the Used Cooking Oil. Lootah Biofuels Labs provide complete testing of biodiesel fuels for quality control and R&D support. Testing includes biodiesel fuel quality control, blending evalutation, fuel contamination issues, quality confirmation, trace residual analysis and other tests.

Quality Standards

Our Biodiesel is tested to the highest quality standards where the fuel produced has been tested and carefully administered by specialized labs to ensure that it achieves economic goals like longevity of the engine along with cost advantage and environmental benefits.